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The Ultimate Key to English Irregular Verbs (Kindle edition)

Do you struggle to learn and memorise irregular verbs in English? If you’re learning English, you know that learning regular verbs is quite simple: add the suffix – ED and there it is, the past tense! Irregular verbs, on the other hand, are generally unpredictable in form. You have probably been given an alphabetically ordered list of irregular verbs and been told to memorise them individually and, despite the fact there are relatively few irregular verbs in the English language, you still have difficulty in learning and memorising them. The reason is simple: the method of memorising a list, where all patterns of conjugation are mixed together, has been proven to be ineffective. Plus, memorising the full list of irregular verbs means learning a lot of verbs you will never use. With the methods detailed in “The Ultimate Key to English Irregular Verbs”, you will be able to master and remember how to use them with confidence. – Would you be surprised to discover that irregular verbs also have some pattern classifications? – Did you know that the majority of irregular verbs end in the /t/ or /d/ sound of the regular verb? – Did you know that, aside from a handful of irregular verbs, there are only three sound endings /t/, /d/ and /n/? To assist you in learning, the most common irregular English verbs have been listed according to their repeating structural patterns and CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels. This CEFR classification will help you prepare for the type of verbs you need at your specific level of English. Why study irregular verbs? Studying irregular verbs will allow you to better master the language, and, from the point of view of sound, you will also understand when you have made a mistake and how to correct it. With “The Ultimate Key to English Irregular Verbs” you will: – Learn the irregular verbs you need for your level of English. – Learn the pronunciation for irregular verbs. – Understand irregular verb patterns. – See how irregular verbs are commonly used. – Use irregular verbs with confidence.


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ISBN: 978-8898348220
Publish Date: 2021

“The Ultimate Key to English Irregular Verbs (Kindle edition)”

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