ISBN: 978-8898348121

The Ultimate Key to Irregular Phrasal Verbs (English Edition)

Due to the fact that English is an extremely idiomatic language, it is probably the most difficult to learn amongst the European languages. Idiomatic phrases and phrasal verbs play an important part of the English language, and in order to improve proficiency, it is necessary to become familiar with the phrasal verbs and how they are used. In this book you will become familiar with irregular phrasal verb types. We have provided definitions and example sentences which have been set out to help you understand the phrasal verb in context. At the end of the book, we have supplied a workbook which will test your comprehension of the phrasal verb. Each quiz in the workbook is in question form and has a phonetically transcribed answer. In treating the pronunciation in this booklet, we have limited ourselves to the most general and constant sounds within irregular phrasal verbs. The objective of this booklet is not only to show you how the irregular phrasal verbs behave and change but to also help you memorise them as part of naturally occurring collocations, which are presented under each verb. We have included phonetically transcribed exercises to help you in the pronunciation and memorisation of the most common irregular phrasal verbs in English.


About This Book

ISBN: 978-8898348121
Publisher: The English Grammar Club
Publish Date: 2021
Page Count: 319

“The Ultimate Key to Irregular Phrasal Verbs (English Edition)”

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